Maintenance Skills Assessment Tests
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Are you sure that you are hiring skilled maintenance employees? MaintTestTM can help!
Quickly screen candidates with minimal effort.
Two test formats are available. Online testing or paper and pencil booklets are available.
Test only for the skills that you need because each test is tailored by you to meet your requirements. You select the skill areas for your test. Need Help? We can help you choose the topics. Just contact us.
Quickly screen candidates with minimal effort.
Excellent value. Starting price is $14.99 per test for online testing and $19.99 per test for paper and pencil testing.
See an Online Test Sample(Paper and pencil tests use the same question bank.)
Quick Start-Up. We can have you testing on your custom built online test in less than three hours after placing your order. Paper and pencil tests will arrive in 2-3 business days.
MaintTestTM is tried and proven in real world hiring. Thousands of tests administered.
Use MaintTestTM to evaluate the following positions:
  • Multi-Craft Maintenance Technician
  • Electricians
  • Mechanical Maintenance Technicians
  • Millwrights
  • And any other skilled trades technician because MaintTestTM is based on skill areas not specific equipment or job titles.
Be sure that your people have the skills you need.
Save time and money.

Prevent costly hiring mistakes. Did you know that it is estimated that a hiring mistake can cost a company up to one year of the hired persons salary? MaintTestTM can help you avoid those mistakes. Isn't it worth less than $50 to ensure that you don't waste over $50,000.00?
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